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Potent and spicy, use Tea Tree Oil to sanitise your environment


Tea Tree oil ( Melaleuca alternifolia )has become a well known  alternative and  complimentary treatment for various ailments the world over.

The plant originates from Australia and the name Melaleuca is a combination of two Greek words: melas ("black") and leukos ("white"), in reference to the contrasting black trunk and young white stems or branches that are characteristic of many species in this genus.

In ancient times it was known that the legendary Princess Eelemani of the Bundjalung people of Eastern Australia had to leave her true love and her family and embark on a journey that was long and unknown to her.

She was concerned that the return to her loved one and family would be difficult and she would not find her way back.

Eelemani was no ordinary princess, and so she spoke to the gods of the Earth and Planets, and she was rewarded with special seeds that were to be sown along the trail. The special seeds were scattered on the moist, fertile forest soil as she walked along her journey and they rooted and grew.

Their beautiful white paper bark stood out from all the other trees. At night the polished sheen reflected the light of the moon showing the trail and she found her way back to her true love and family

The Bundjalung people came to learn of the magical properties of this tree: Just as the trees had protected Eelemani on her journey, the leaves were found to protect against many different infections and skin ailments and was used in their traditional medicine.


How To Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil became a household remedy in many Australian homes in the early 1920's  and was an essential part of every Australian soldier’s kit during World War II
To use topically on your skin. Add 2 drops of Tea Tree Essential oil to 100ml of your favourite carrier oil such as Sweet Almond Oil. A great way to help with dry skin and improve elasticity of the skin.

Or it can be used for acne on your face. Add two drops of Tea Tree Essential oil to 100ml of Witch Hazel water or Helichrysum and Rose Geranium Floral Water , and be  used as a toner on your face. Due  to its antibacterial, anti microbial and anti septic properties this is a great way to treat pimples and blemishes

In a hand sanitizer.

2 tablespoons 91% isopropyl alcohol.

1 tablespoon aloe vera gel.

2 teaspoons vegetable glycerin.

4 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil.

3 drops Lemon Essential Oil.

3 drops Lavender Essential Oil.

Mix all the above in  a flip-top container.

To treat wounds and infections add 2 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil to the wound cream you are using  and apply to the wound. Or you can add a few drops in your bath water to treat cuts and sores and vaginal infections


Properties of Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree oil is a very efffective anti septic and anti microbial agent. It is also antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral,  anti fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-protozoal.

A really good  essential oil to have in  your medicine cabinet for alternative treatments for a whole range of ailments and to help sanitize you and your home.


What you can use Tea Tree Essential Oil for

Athletes foot
Contact dermatitis
Head lice
Dandruff and cradle cap
Nail fungus
Used in hand sanitizers
Insect repellent
Natural deodorant
Stings and boils
Vaginal infections
Coughs and bronchial congestion

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