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The Sleeping Giant Awakens - Southern Immortelle (Helichrysum splendidum)


There is a grey bush that grows on the North Eastern mountains in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. It is known as that grey weed that grows everywhere. That is until now. The story of the awakening of this sleeping giant started approximately 57 years ago.

A  little girl grew up in these mountains and she preferred to spend her days with her pet dogs observing the natural world around her .

She enjoyed observing a breeding pair of Jackal Buzzards that nested near one of the dams on the small farm. On sunny days she would sneak out and lie in the grass and watch them.  With time she found that she preferred to lie next to a particular grey bush while watching the birds. Her earliest memories of this plant was one of feeling safe, happy and rested, after she had spent time lying next to the grey bush.

As an adult, she married Mark, and they settled on a corner of the family farm in the mountains. At the time, her father was dabbling in distilling essential oils from indigenous plants in the area, not very successfully.  When her father passed away  decisions had to be made. It was then that she remembered how the grey bush had made her feel as a young child, so the couple decided to distill the grey bush to extract its essential oil.

In time, they made contact with a scientist at Potchesfstroom University, who tested their grey bush oil and he was excited...Nothing was known about this oil, however he knew about its' cousin Helichrysum italica. The oil of the cousin was being used by big cosmetic houses and, in the medicinal world.

 At this point no one was interested in this oil  from the North Eastern Mountains.Then they were introduced to Clive Teubes. He decided to give it a try and sent samples of this essential oil all over the world. Some samples sat on shelves and some samples were looked at, but most just sat on these shelves. The pioneering couple, Mark and Julie, kept on going because they believed in this grey bush. It was a tough time, but they kept on.

Eventually the market for the Helichrysum italica  started to change. The demand soared and the price for this oil went through the roof. The samples of the essential oil of this grey bush sitting on shelves all over the world, were now being looked at differently. More research and experimentation on these samples started taking place and the results started coming in.  The sleeping giant started to awaken.

It was a Monday morning and hearts were heavy from years of struggle when Julie received a phone call from London wanting every drop they had of the essential oil from the grey bush.

Finally, the world had awoken to the wonderful healing properties of the Sleeping Giant. The oil from the grey bush Helichrysum splendium or commonly  known as Southern Immortelle is now healing many many people all over the world.The list of its healing properties is long. This medicinal plant is a powerful giant, that is only being distilled in one place, for the rest of the  world, on a small farm in the North Eastern Mountains of Limpopo, South Africa.

Go to the link below to see the uses and properties of Southern Immortelle (Helichrysum splendidum) and to buy a bottle or two of the essential oil.



No contra indications for the essential oil  have been found yet. To be safe, use sparingly during pregnancy.







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