Grapefruit Essential Oil- 10ml – Sanfern Downs
Grapefruit Essential Oil- 10ml
Grape Fruit Essential oil 10 ml
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Grapefruit Essential Oil- 10ml

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Buy Grapefruit Essential Oil online and put a few drops in a burner, in a diffuser or in the bath to assist with the ailments listed below.

Citrus paradisi


  • treats athletes foot/ringworm 
  • reduce anxiety
  • improve attention
  • inhibits adipogenesis (formation of fat cells)
  • reduces appetite
  • lipid-lowering
  • insect repellent
  • gets rid of head lice
  • stimulate circulation
  • increase energy
  • enhance mood
  • improve digestion
  • reduces oil on oily hair and skin
  • stimulates lymphatic system
  • skin toner
  • treats muscle fatigue, stiffness mixed with a carrier oil
  • used to scent citrus perfumes,colognes, soaps, creams and lotions
  • colds
  • hangovers
  • depression
  • jet lag
  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • food preservative


Antioxidant , Antispasmodic , Antiviral , anti bacterial,  anti microbial, anti fungal, stimulant.



Dilute and avoid sun exposure with topical use

Essential oil not for internal use

Not for use during pregnancy or lactation

Grapefruit has several well documented drug interactions; discuss with your Physician before use

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