Elevate Your DIY Experience: Crafting with Sanfern Downs Summer Sereni

Elevate Your DIY Experience: Crafting with Sanfern Downs Summer Serenity Pure Essential Oils

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Welcome to Sanfern Downs, your gateway to the ultimate summer bliss!

Immerse yourself in the radiant world of our Summer Serenity Pure Essential Oil Range.

Lavender, Rose Geranium, Lemon, Spearmint, Grapefruit, and Tea Tree - these popular scents encapsulate the very essence of the season. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of essential oils, let's embark on a journey of creativity together. Discover a multitude of ideas to use these pure essential oils to prompt and influence a calm and dynamic new year by using them in your DIY craft projects.

🌼1. Lavender-Infused Sleep Sachets for Tranquil Nights:

  • Craft soothing sleep sachets by combining dried lavender buds with a few drops of our Lavender pure essential oil. Elevate your sleep experience with the calming aroma that ensures restful nights.

🌼2. Rose Geranium Floral Bath Salts: Luxurious Bathing at its Best:

  • Transform your bath routine with luxurious floral bath salts, delicately scented with our Rose Geranium pure essential oil. Combine with Epsom salts, dried rose petals, and a touch of coconut oil for a sumptuous and aromatic soak.  OR
  • Elevate your bath time with homemade bath bombs infused with the floral notes of Rose Geranium pure essential oil. Combine with Epsom salts and baking soda for a soothing and fragrant bathing experience.

🌼3. Lemon-Scented Citrus Scrub: Rejuvenate Your Skin:

  • Energize your skincare regimen with a rejuvenating citrus scrub. Mix Lemon pure essential oil with sugar and coconut oil for a refreshing and exfoliating blend, leaving your skin radiant and renewed.  OR
  • Enjoy the refreshing and brightening benefits of this DIY Lemon Essential Oil Face Mask, revealing a radiant and revitalized complexion! Mix a few drops of Pure Lemon Essential oil with bentonite clay, lemon juice and honey and a drop or two of water

🌼4. Spearmint-Infused Cooling Mist: Beat the Heat with DIY Refreshment:

  • Combat the summer heat with a homemade cooling mist. Blend our Spearmint pure  essential oil with distilled water and aloe vera gel for a revitalizing mist that refreshes and cools your skin on scorching days.

🌼5. Grapefruit Zest Reed Diffusers: Brighten Your Space Naturally:

  • Infuse your living spaces with invigorating aromas using DIY reed diffusers. Harness the power of Grapefruit pure essential oil, a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil and wooden reeds or bamboo skewers to create a delightful and natural fragrance that uplifts any room.

🌼6. Tea Tree and Lemon Antibacterial Hand Soap: Stay Fresh and Protected:

  • Keep hands fresh and protected with a DIY antibacterial hand soap. Combine the cleansing properties of Tea Tree pure essential oil and the refreshing scent of Lemon pure essential oil with liquid castile soap or your bought liquid hand soap for an effective and aromatic solution.

🌼7. Lavender and Spearmint Calming Room Spray: Create a Tranquil Haven:

  • Craft a room spray that fosters relaxation and tranquillity. Combine our Lavender and Spearmint pure essential oils with water for a calming mist that transforms any space into a serene haven. Or
  • Drop a few drops of Lavender and Spearmint pure essential oil into an essential oil burner and leave it to burn in the room to create a calm space for the whole family

🌼8. Grapefruit and Tea Tree Foot Soak: Rejuvenate Tired Feet:

  • Pamper your feet with a refreshing foot soak. Mix Grapefruit and Tea Tree pure essential oils with Epsom salts and warm water for a rejuvenating soak that soothes and revitalizes tired feet.

🌼9. Tea Tree and Lemon  All-Purpose Cleaning Spray: Non toxic and safe

  • Tea Tree pure essential oil, renowned for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, can be a fantastic addition to an All-Purpose Cleaning Spray. Add a few drops of Tea Tree and Lemon pure essential oils to some white vinegar and some water in a spray bottle and on various surfaces such as kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces, glass, and more. Wipe with a clean cloth or sponge.

Conclusion: Immerse Yourself in DIY Delight with Sanfern Downs Summer Serenity Oils

Elevate your DIY crafting experience with Sanfern Downs Summer Serenity Pure Essential Oils. They can be your keys to unlocking the full potential of summer-inspired creativity heading into the new year.

 From tranquil sleep sachets to invigorating room sprays, let the scents of summer enhance your crafting journey. Immerse yourself in the joy of creating and embrace the blissful essence of summer for you and your family. Explore Sanfern Downs range of essential oils to use in your fun and exciting crafting experience.

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